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Be a Hero: The Ultimate Go-Bag

Our hearts ache for the wonderful people of Maui, where recent devastating wildfire has reminded us of the importance of emergency readiness. We live in an area that is prone to wildfire and other natural disasters. Being as prepared as possible should be top of mind for all of us!

Here's something simple that you can do.

Enter the emergency go bag – a lifesaving arsenal also known as the bug-out bag or 72-hour kit. Carefully crafted, this backpack carries essentials that could make all the difference in a crisis, whether it's a wildfire, flood, or earthquake.

Unveiling the Go Bag Essentials: Your Keys to Survival
  1. Hungry? Non-perishable food items, like granola bars, canned food, and bottled water, serve as your lifeline in a crisis. Don't forget water!

  2. Safety First: A simple first aid kit featuring bandages, antibiotic ointment, pain relievers, and prescription medications safeguards your health.

  3. Let there be Light: A flashlight and batteries

  4. Multi-Tool Marvel: A versatile multi-tool conquers various tasks – cutting, prying, and even opening cans.

  5. Keep it Clean: Essential toiletries like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and feminine hygiene products.

  6. Crucial Documents: Copies of vital documents, like IDs and insurance policies

  7. Cash Stash: A reserve of cash proves invaluable if power is out and debit/credit scanners aren't working.

  8. Attire Alternatives: Spare clothing and warm layers to ensure you're equipped for changing weather conditions.

Customize and Don't Forget Your Furry Family Members

Tailoring your go bag to your unique needs is super important. For pet owners, extend your preparedness to your four-legged friends with ample supplies of food, water, and necessities.

A Final Thought

Regularly evaluate and upgrade you Go-Bag's contents to guarantee its relevance and functionality. Stay safe, stay prepared, and be the hero.


Courtesy of Kelly Gargiulo Pleasant Hill Realtor

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