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Home decor goes back to the future

It was only a matter of time until home designers looked to the 1980s for inspiration. Showrooms are looking more like a TV set of the Golden Girls rather than the bland, gray-toned backdrops of the past few years. Color, shapes, and playfulness are making a comeback. Bringing rooms back to life is the theme for this design trend

What’s New?

· Round Shapes – Gone are the sharp edges and squared-off furniture. Roundtables, sofas, and chairs are making an entrance this year.

· Lower Furniture – Just like its mid-Century modern cousins, 80’s furniture was lower to the ground than contemporary styles.

· Color – 1980s seafoam green and peach have morphed into teal and mauve this season and taking centerstage in home décor.

· Rattan – Rattan furniture is no longer for retirees in Florida or vacation condos in Hawaii. This versatile material is now a mainstay in homes.

· Lucite – Clear furniture offers an illusion of floating in the room. Small spaces become larger by adding clear chairs or accent tables.

· Ceramics – Shell-shaped lamps and art deco styles vases are an essential decorating element for the 1980’sstyle.

· Kitsch – Pop Art pieces are back. Think Andy Warhol prints and oversized novelty decorations like oversized pencils or giant teacups. Fun is the essential theme of the 1980’s style. #homesforsale #realtor #realestateagent #forsale

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Courtesy of Kelly Gargiulo Pleasant Hill Realtor

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