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Spring is officially here! Spring trends I am loving!

Say goodbye to your Winter decor because it is time to break out your Spring decor! Here are a few Spring trends I’m loving!


No surprises here—our love of plants will never die. Particularly in the spring, when in some climates it can still be too cold to bravely venture outdoors, bringing a little (or a lot!) of greenery can give you the warm weather comfort you crave.

Creative Cabinetry

Add some unique and eye-catching hardware, paint the cabinets a different color, or add some vertical paneled door details and you’re good to go. When it comes to a spring refresh, it doesn’t hurt to be different.

Color, Texture, and Warmth

This year is all about bringing organic warmth to our spaces. This could be matte bronze hardware, adding an accent wall, or even switching out your throw blankets and pillows.

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Courtesy of Kelly Gargiulo Pleasant Hill Realtor

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