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Nizzi R - Buyer

We’re so grateful to have had Kelly Gargulio as our buyer agent for our first home purchase. As novices, we needed someone who would explain and answer all of our seemingly small questions in addition to the big ones around what the process entailed. Kelly does so with affability and promptness plus a desire to make sure you’re feeling well taken care of through the roller coaster ride that is home buying in the Bay Area. Kelly is the epitome of kindness combined with know-how; she was able to guide us through a competitive multiple offer situation with sound advice and a speed that was essential in getting things done. She built a relationship with the sellers agent and had an existing relationship with our equally wonderful mortgage lender, resulting in a competitive advantage in our ability to close quickly. And we’re so thrilled that ours was the winning offer without us having to go into an over the top bidding war. Her follow through and follow up through the nail biting process ensures that you have a competitive advantage in this market. And she’s there for you throughout with guidance and advice on all of the specifics. We can’t recommend her enough!

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